Welcome To YaBB Essentials.

YaBB Essentials is here to address some of the community fears I have seen with the downfall of yabbworld.com and also some of the downtime with the downloads from sourceforge.net and also Some of the downtime experienced by yabbforum.com and BoardMod.org YaBB Essentials is not for Support but when I do start to release some templates for YaBB this will be the place for Support of those templates But just now it is here so that you have a backup for downloads of YaBB and all the links you need like links to Support and all the YaBB Essentials that you need for your Forum altho this does not include mods lost with yabbworld.com and the like our primary purpose here is that if one part of the main yabb network goes down we are here to point to a temporary alternative or replacement even if that is here on this site and we hope that this will bring more stability to the YaBB community.

Downloads on this Website.

All downloads on this website (with the exception of the Mod Writers YaBB Mods That maybe in the forum, Mod Writers are responsible for Updates and Support for their Mods) will Be updated to keep them up to date apart from the archive download area.
also all Download files on the main website have a MD5 checksum, to check the MD5 checksum on windows you can download WinMD5Free from here http://www.winmd5.com/
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